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About Ray:
I've been shooting models since 2009, involved in photography for decades.
I am a self-taught photographer with a strong interest in People photography.
To me, people are the greatest subject; I never tire from the diversity and challenge
of getting a great portrait, headshot or photo-illustration.

My workflow is generally in 4 phases:
1. Initial contact and discussion of your photography goals, to confirm we have the same vision.
2. Nail down date/time/location for the photoshoot along with makeup/wardrobe/props.
3. The actual photoshoot; I like to confirm all is ready to go the day before the shoot.
4. I post the proof photos to a private website for your review and selection and retouching.

Types of pictures:
Of course models need a variety of looks, with some emphasizing any special skills.
with and without makeup, someone looking to hire you wants to know what you look like naturally;
and they would like to know what you are capable of looking like. Many famous models are magically tranformed
by their makeup artists into a high-glamour look, but your basic beauty or facial canvas is what they build upon.
Full Figure:
Both swimsuit and wearing a variety of clothing. Standing, sitting, lying down, using props and moving poses.
Special skills:
If you have special skills, show them off. Riding a horse, athletics, playing piano, etc

Our photoshoot will be as stress free as possible, but we should also plan on working together as if there was a client
who would like you to be effecient, show up on time and be focused on getting the best possible shots.

Send me your ideas and photography goals, write as much as you like, describe and list what images you hope to achieve.

I usually respond within 24 hours.
My rate is $50/hour plus expenses, but I work TF and work for stock photos also, depending on your look and budget.

Thank you and best of luck in your model career,

Ray Lopez

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